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Het was een unieke setting, huysgenoot Kim Coppes interviewde huysgenoot Jimmy Nelson. Waarom zouden wij zelf de vragen stellen als een huysgenoot van ons dat veel beter kan? Kim is dagvoorzitter, debatleider, trainer communicatie- en gesprekstechnieken en interviewer! De geïnterviewde is huysgenoot Jimmy Nelson; bekend als fotograaf en storyteller.

K: So we’ll speak English?
J: We zitten hier in Nederland, ik woon hier al bijna 24 jaar. Ik heb een hele goeie excuus. Ik zit 80% van het jaar in een vliegtuig ergens naar een ander land. Ik woon hier al heel lang, mijn oudste kind is 21, al mijn 3 kinderen zijn Nederland. Ik heb een Nederlands paspoort, een Nederlandse schuld, een Nederlandse hond. Ik noem mezelf altijd een Nederlander. Maar voor public speaking, probeer ik het wel in het Nederlands, lukt het met wel maar het is niet precies wie ik ben. Ik ben niet trots op de Engelse taal of de Engelse afkomst.
K: Waarom niet?
J: Complicated, has a lot to do with who i am becoming and what i talk about. I only lived ten years in the UK as a kid. From the age of 7 till 17. At a kostschool, an internaat. In het Nederlands is dit iets anders, in het Engeland is dit heel gewoon. Mijn boarding school was a bit weard, a thousands children with 400 priests.If you are a 7 year old child, first i lived in the third world, developing world country. My father worked for shell for 40 years, he was a geoloog for shell. Hij reist door verre landen and i travelled with him. As a little kid from 0 till 7 i lived in the bush, as as contempary mogli. It wasn’t as romantic as mogli but it felt a bit like that.
K: But were there human beings there?
J: Yes lots of human beings also lot of animals. The metaphore of a natural childhood. When i was 7 i was send to the ‘internaat’ for education. So i went from one world to another. I went from an oer- natuur mens in the remotest places on the planet tot he instition a bit like Harry Potter. I arrived in a pair of shorts, a very naive child of 7 years old. Very vulnerable I was immediately bulliet and ostracized, judget i was bulliet because i showed pictures of my friends and my friends were black and i was naked. First of all you are poor because you have no clothes on. And you are associated with colored people, so i am not going use the words they described.You can go and stand over there, you can go somewhere dirty. That was part one, that was when i am 7. Than you are confused, most children on the age of 9 have no idea of what color or clothing has to do with it, they were just friends. So i didn’t understand the judgements. I was, without going in with to much detail, I was sexually abused for a period of 2 years.It wasn’t common but it now more a thing to talk about. Nu zeg je destijds dat het een ‘gewoonte’ was toen. Lots of things coming out in contemparary mean, so that is good. Abuse in various forms and ways. This is an abuse of religion and power. One thousand childeren behind a wall, out of those 400 priests there can always be one who is, hoe zeg je dat, niet helemaal kloppend, van de padje af. And i am not angry but they get eenzaam, menselijk en this is also part of life. They get stuck in a world where they can get away with things they shouldn’t be getting away with. Then dealing with children who can’t. So that happened. First you are abused are bullied for racial association and then you are physsically abused. And the issue of it, it takes a lot of time to deal with it, you don’t like yourself. So the priests wave around with … saying this is your fault.They are getting away with their guilt. You should be ashamed because of you I did this. That is a disaster when you are a child.

You don’t like yourself. Now my own kids are becoming young adults. If is good to see that they are more one with themselves. I often say to them i am jealeous of you. Ik ben woedend, you have more ervaring en leven dan ik. Ik ben bijna 50 en dat is zo erg. Door wat ik heb meegemaakt als kind.That was part 1, you hate yourself fysically then i was told i was stupid. Because i was creative and because i couldn’t read and write i was living in the bush. And i am a very visual. But that was stupid because it is not valid. We are gonna abuse you, call you stupid and then we gonna put you in the corner because you are accosiated with black kids. And the piece de resistance, and this has a awfal lot to do with who i am defaulted to who i am today. I came back from one of my journeys with my parents in west Africa. I had mallaria. It was very heavy, i was very ill. I hoped they stayed behind. WE will hug you love you and protect you. Which they failed to do which wasn’t theyre fault up and to that day. Jump without a parachute!

There was a nervious reaction to do with the pills. But there was also a lot of stress as well and also sadness. If you want to have a phisalogically look at it. You are confronted by a different face. You are told you being ugly. Al these things make a nice melting pot of ostracization. So you choose as a child to do one of 2 things. Either dissapear in a hole or either you jump. And you jump without a parachute, that is the best way to describe it. This is not what you aware of when you are seventeen. But you look back and you trying to analyse and also what happened in the more recent years. Also you are using it by a sort of therapy.

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